Behavioural Criminologist

Former Crime Scene Investigator working hands on for the police in the UK covering cases from murder to sexual assaults, to car crime and beyond.

With a degree in Criminology and Psychology Alex can give an insight into what drives a criminal; their modus operandi, and psychological behaviours.  She has drawn on this unique experience for various TV and radio shows, offering her expert opinion on; talkRADIO, Times Radio, When Teens Kill, When Kids Kill, Countdown to Murder and
a few more in the works.

Alex continues to keep up to date with the latest technologies and theories and, until very recently, had a very popular platform on YouTube , where she would share those discussions with the world. She has been asked to speak in a number of forums, and has been regularly quoted by universities in research.

Specialisms in forensics, psycho-analysis, profiling, pathology, CPS, police and a whole lot more. As seen on ‘Countdown to Murder’, ‘Crimewatch’, ‘When Teens Kill’, and various University text books.

A piece on home security – April 2016 – Admiral Safe Guides

safe guide

When Teens Kill

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