Yale Professional Services Agreement

There have been other agreements, commonly referred to as “service agreements,” in which Yale undertakes work such as providing medical services at a local clinic or “paid” work. In the typical “pay-as-you-go” agreement, the external entity would have imposed ownership of research results, including intellectual property (IP), and Yale on confidentiality obligations, possibly including the prevention or severe restriction of publications. Such conditions are generally unacceptable to Yale, as such conditions in the context of research conducted at Yale should allow Yale to control the research (the conduct of the research belongs to the person in the faculty), the results of that research should be publicly available through publication and presentation, and Yale should own new intellectual property, which results from the commitment. As a result, “paying” contracts are negotiated and approved only in limited circumstances. All legal services provided by external counsel must be arranged by the Office of the Vice-President and the Advocate General. Departments may not use legal services directly with outside counsel without the prior written permission of the Office of the Vice-President and the General Counsel. The University`s tax office or the office of the Vice President and General Counsel hires external auditors to provide tax and international advisory services. Only the Department of Facilities (central or medical school) is authorized to acquire and manage architectural, general contractor, engineering and other services for construction, renovation, maintenance and modification projects. Ministries and schools must contract directly with the facilities department for these types of services. An agreement to provide financial support under an institution`s sponsored award (also known as a “Fellow”) to an organization qualified to carry out a substantial portion of the programmatic efforts under the Sponsored Award. A sub-price is not used for the purchase of goods and services acquired as part of an award, as the suppliers of these goods and services have no programmatic liability. Entities that receive a sub-power are called “sub-recipients”.

The Office of Cooperative Research must approve all agreements that provide for the licensing or transfer of intellectual property rights that may belong to the University. Fees for these services cannot be paid from funds of any kind managed by the University to staff or faculty for work related to their current obligations at the University. The university has compiled a buying guide that provides a comprehensive list of suppliers and purchasing methods for the most commonly purchased goods or services. Once the applicant has identified the business need for the purchase, determined that the purchase is permissible and reasonable, and confirmed that the cost is below the university`s comparative price threshold, the initiator must review the University`s Buying Guide. Purchasing Services – Provides advice on supplier selection and contract negotiation; reviews and approves all agreements; and places orders upon submission of a duly authorized purchase requisition, CSCP and other supporting documentation, as required. All agreements must first be signed by an authorized signatory of the external service provider and then sent to Procurement Services for review, approval and signature prior to the start of work. Any agreement that would grant a provider access to Yale`s protected information must include confidentiality and security provisions approved by the Office of the Vice President and General Counsel. For the purposes of this section, “Protected Information” means information that is intended to protect any state or federal law, law, rule, or regulation of the Owner from unauthorized access, disclosure, or use; OR (ii) yale has identified itself in writing to Supplier as confidential; AND (iii) that Supplier creates, receives or has access to to fulfill its obligations under its agreement with Yale. .

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