Williams Scotsman Lease Agreement

Williams Scotsman launched new products in 2002 to enhance the company`s ability to serve the education market. These included Type IV classrooms that allowed mobility with minimal impact on the site. Type VI classrooms offered a cost-effective option in the renovated units recommended for short.B. rentals when the renovation of a permanent structure required a temporary alternative. With Dell Computer Corporation, Williams Scotsman launched CyberSpaces, modular classrooms equipped with computer equipment. Customers choose between desktop or laptop computers, wired or wireless; Hardware system options included network servers and peripherals. Optional classroom equipment included appropriate furniture, a printer/scanner, a mobile wireless cart, and a SmartBoard, an electronic whiteboard that replaced a traditional blackboard. The new classroom structures were introduced at Williams Scotsman`s Orlando office when the state of Florida passed a constitutional amendment that limited class sizes. Along with new state funding for preschool classes for four-year-olds, Williams Scotsman expected a significant immediate demand for portable classrooms in Florida. Williams Scotsman intended to develop a national network of mobile funders. The new company inherited the production facilities from its two predecessors, but decided to close them to focus on its leasing business. The company has experienced slow growth, with a focus on organic growth through fleet expansion; in the following years, only three branches were opened. As of 1993, Williams Scotsman had a fleet of 25,000 mobile offices and leased warehouses in 31 offices in 18 states.

At the time of the merger between Williams and Scotsman Manufacturing, Williams was the second largest provider of mobile offices in the United States, with 15,000 rental units leased through 17 offices in 13 Eastern states. Scotsman operated 11 offices in four western states with a fleet of 7,500 rental units. The merger was registered as an acquisition of Williams Mobile Offices from the Williams Family Trust by the Trijka Family Trust, which owned Scotsman Manufacturing. The new company, Williams Scotsman, continued to be operated by family businesses. Williams Scotsman began offering value-added services to its clients. In response to customer requests, Williams Scotsman offered its customers a cellular security system for temporary or permanent structures through an exclusive agreement with Tattletale Portable Alarm Systems. The safety system was particularly interesting for construction companies that wanted to protect the machines from theft. For its modular building customers, Williams Scotsman offered a real-time view of the project design via a webcam service.

Inet OnSite allowed customers to inspect the construction process without having to visit the site, saving time and money, especially outside the city. The service also served as a safety monitor. Williams Scotsman announced its international expansion in August 2004 with new offices in Europe and Mexico. The company founded Williams Scotsman Europe, S.L. to acquire a small stake in the private company Wiron Prefabricados Modulares, S.A. in Parla, Spain, near Madrid. Wiron owned several thousand modular units that the company rented through offices in all major cities in Spain. .

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