Collective Agreement Ships Officers

Statistics Canada conducts studies and surveys on the difference between fuels and distribution companies and differential certificates for the cost of living and verifies the amount of environmental allowances during their survey visits and reports the results to the Secretariat of the Board of Directors. The Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC) is responsible for the assessment of crown residential housing and the provision of related services requested by services and agencies within the specified timelines. The purpose of this declaration is to designate a person as a common law partner within the meaning of the IPGH Directive and to provide the corresponding services under this Directive. In some cases, this declaration may be used if the duration of cohabitation has been broken for reasons beyond the control of the worker or person to be designated as a common law partner. Normal working time (normal working hours) – this is the number and timing of hours that a full-time worker must work for an indefinite period according to a competent government authority. Staff (official) – means, subject to the application section, a person. The Treasury Secretariat shall from time to time review the relevant parts of this Directive, on the recommendation of the Joint National Council, advise the services and lead them to inform the staff in writing of any changes that may affect them. The Secretariat of the Treasury Board shall also advise the services in the interpretation and application of this Directive and shall monitor its interpretation and application. .

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