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Please note that we cannot recover money owed under the agreement by anyone other than you. The account holder of the financing contract must be the registered holder of the vehicle and be fully insured. You must notify us of any changes at least ten days before your next payment date. For your convenience, you can fill out the direct debit mandate form and send it back to us. You can also update your bank details with Mercedes me finance. Mercedes me finance allows you to manage your Mercedes-Benz Finance Agreement 24 hours a day, seven days a week, Mercedes me finance is part of Mercedes me, please click here to register. You can also contact our customer service team. No, as soon as we have agreed to accept a reduced monthly refund, you will not have to pay for late payments or additional fees if you comply with this agreement. If you opt for the return of your MINI, you must do a number of things before the pickup date.

Yes, you can pay your contract at any time and there is no penalty. To understand how much it`s going to be, just get a billing number by clicking on this link. Below is a selection of the most frequently asked questions that can help you ask questions about your financing contract. If you cannot find the answer to your request or would like more information, please contact MINI Financial Services customer service. You can also request the voluntary termination of your contract in writing. Please send written questions to: You will receive a copy of your agreement by registering with Mercedes me finance and clicking on the “Documents” button at the top of the page. If not, please contact us to request a copy and we can send you one. Please note that you must register with Mercedes me before you can create a Mercedes me financial account. Please click here to register *Calls to 0345 numbers are charged at the same rate as a standard 01 or 02 number, even if you are calling from a mobile phone.

Calls can be monitored or recorded. The distributor should provide this information. If for some reason you are not sure, there are a number of organizations through which you can check directly, for example: B.: Excess mileage charges may be due at the end of PPC (Personal Contract Purchase) contracts, but only in certain circumstances. In particular if you decide to return the vehicle to Santander Consumer Finance at the end of your agreement and if you have exceeded your agreed mileage limit. In such cases, one pence per mile is charged on the number of miles around which you have exceeded your limit. The pence fare per mile is set at the beginning of your agreement and clearly displayed in your contract documentation. If you wish to update your account, you can make a payment with Mercedes me finance or by phone on 0333 345 3300 from Monday to Friday from 8.30am to 5pm. If your agreement is governed by the Consumer Credit Act or if your complaint relates to an insurance product linked to your account, you have the right to refer your claim to the Financial Ombudsman`s Service.

If you`re a small to medium-sized business, you may also be able to file your complaint…

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