Wentworth Housing Agreement

The rental agreement indicates the number of people who can live in your home. If this changes and someone moves in or moves, please discuss it with your CSO as soon as possible. Changing the number of people living in your home can increase the rent you have to pay, or you have to apply for a transfer to a larger home. MassArt is able to guarantee for the fall of 2019 a stay of students on campus in the transfer. To qualify for this guarantee, students must submit all of the forms and deposits mentioned above by June 1. All first-year students who are housed in the first year on campus have been guaranteed housing for their second year. For more information on this process, see Housing for current students. MassArt welcomes students to three residences: Smith Hall (only newcomers), Tree House (mainly newcomers and sophomores), and The Artists` Residence is in the Apartments. MassArt also rents the Rodgers Hall at the Wentworth Institute of Technology to provide our students with additional apartments on campus.

The application is considered incomplete in the absence of any of these applications. Please note that only full-time MassArt students are entitled to on-campus accommodation. If you have any questions in the dormitory, please contact the Office of Housing and Residence Life in housing@massart.edu by email. To secure your place in the reception class and apply for accommodation, you must submit the following points before June 1 (or within 10 working days from the date of your acceptance letter, if they are admitted for the spring semester): MassArt guarantees the break-up of all first-year students, with the exception of foreign and mobility students. If you are unsure of your status, please contact the admissions@massart.edu. Students can ask to be cross-checked with a certain roommate. To do this, both students must: If there are changes in your budget, you will be asked to provide the following documents. The forms of life and housing have been transformed into a new site. All MassArt residences have unique facilities tailored to the needs of students. View building-specific information.

Our policies and procedures must help you obtain your lease. If you need help with your rental agreement, please check the rules below or contact your customer service staff. The Office of Housing and Residential Life works to provide students with a rich life and learning experience. For this environment to work, students are responsible both for their individual action, for the action of their hosts and, in the collective sense, for the action of each member of the roommate. At Wentworth, you can enjoy a little university comfort and metropolitan excitement. Our 31-hectare campus in the heart of Boston features a tree-lined quad bike, modern and traditional residences and numerous campus amenities such as a dining room, bookstore, supermarket, the rich resources of The Douglas D.

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