Salon Franchise Agreement

(a) The agent must fully fulfill all obligations to franchisees or other obligations arising from the operation of franchised lounges; For the duration of the agreement and at the end of this contract, for whatever reason and for a period of five (five) years after, neither the franchisee, its senior executives nor the contracting entities (including shareholders, licensees, joint ventures or partners) may, directly or indirectly, through equity interest or other means, in the same transaction or transaction (i.e., possession: Exploitation or supply of manicure, pedicure or related spa services) within or within a radius often (10) miles of the franchised premise that was the subject of this agreement or within a 10-mile radius of a franchisee or franchisee operation, and franchisees , under no circumstances, except for the purpose of complying with this contract. Accord , use the name “Happy Nails” or “Happy Nails and Spa” or all your feeling of happy nails and spa lounges including, but is not limited to the color scheme used by happy nails and spa lounges. Franchisees may also not use or use techniques or processes obtained or learned from the conclusion of this agreement or as a result of service delivery. However, where a competent court finds that this paragraph is not applicable under the legislation of a state other than that in which the licensed premises are located, that paragraph is valid and enforceable in the state where the licensed premises are located. There are a number of benefits to becoming a franchisee, including: hair salons are quickly becoming a part of the local community. It is not uncommon for a children`s hair salon to become a social meeting place for parents and children. When parents develop a salon and a stylist with whom their child feels good, they often establish a relationship with them and become a loyal and long-standing client. How long is the franchisor in operation? How long they have been in franchising. If you can talk to one of their existing franchisees to find out more.

How much support and training you can expect, for example, with regard to labour law, Health and Safety, Insurance, and How to Comply with Local and National Laws and Regulations. Mitch Cohen has more than 37 years of experience in the franchise industry in managing food service concepts such as Baskin Robbins, Dunkin` and Nathan`s Famous Hot Dogs, and his deal with Sola marks his first outing in the living room.

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