Makerspace User Agreement

Before using the STEAM Lab, a valid photo ID must be presented to Traffic staff. This person is considered a primary user and is responsible for the damage or misuse of the equipment, even if a group is working together on a project. Users should not leave the devices unattended while they are being extracted. Temporary memory is available for STEAM Lab users. However, all devices that contain storage features are erased upon return to library staff, and once they have been retrieved, the data cannot be retrieved. Users are advised to delete all data before returning devices to staff. All tools and machines outside the computers used must be monitored by an authorized MakerSpace employee. Otherwise, the user can and will be asked to stop what he is doing and leave the premises. To protect the well-being of MakerSpace users, employees and machines, all projects must obtain prior approval from MakerSpace Supervising staff. For security reasons, the MakerSpace Supervising employee must specifically monitor the use of machines outside of 3D printers. All MakerSpace users must complete the device`s contract form and take any risks and/or damage that may result from the misuse of the machines. All MakerSpace users must also be of legal age or obtain prior permission to access the machines. Take responsibility for damage to a user`s hard drive or computer, loss of data or information, or liability for the customer`s use of the Internet connection or library software or hardware.

This document outlines some of the unit`s security policies. This document does not cover all aspects of the safety and operation of MakerSpace equipment, but important guidelines. For full safety instructions, please contact the MakerSpace Site Supervisor and read the full manuals of these machines before using them. Many of these manuals are available on our device page: In addition, all use of the machine must be supervised by a MakerSpace employee. The STEAM Lab is available to library sponsors from the age of 7. An adult must accompany users under the age of 18 at any time. Users under the age of 18 must have the contract form signed by a parent or legal guardian. No library card from the pioneer Library System is required for the use of the STEAM Lab, but you must present a valid school or bewillik card. Library staff keep this ID while you use the training unit. Before the first use of a new technology or tool in the STEAM Lab, a 15-minute security orientation by library staff is required.

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