Installment Sale Agreement Example

3.2 agrees to obtain acceptance/confirmation of the agreement by the company within seven (7) days of the date of the issuance of a registration certificate by the CPIC; 3.1 undertakes to proceed with the registration of the company as soon as possible after the signing of this agreement and in accordance with section 21 of the Companies Act 71 of 2008; 11. Exclusive contract declaration. This writing contains the full, definitive and exclusive declaration of the contract between the parties and no agreement or guarantee is binding on the seller, unless it is expressly included in the contract. 16.2 The seller then has the right to sell the goods in a manner he deems appropriate and to apply the proceeds to the repayment of funds earned under the agreement. 5. Insurance. The buyer insures the goods against all hazards in shape and height and with a satisfactory insurer for the seller. If the buyer does not receive the insurance seller, it has the right to receive them at the buyer`s expense (without waiving other remedies) and that the buyer gives the seller the right to collect insurance products that do not exceed the outstanding balance (including all collection, legal or other fees actually incurred in connection with the buyer) and orders each insurer to pay all products directly to the seller and to authorize the seller to approve any project. In the event of damage to the goods and payment of insurance, the seller has the option to replace the goods or apply the product to an obligation guaranteed by this agreement.

The seller may terminate in the event of a delay in this agreement or in late with the payment or performance of an obligation guaranteed by this contract, any insurance on the goods after withdrawal or withdrawn on the part of the goods, if less than all. You are the only one who can decide if the offer of contracts to miss is a good business decision. While you have the right to repossess the property if the client is late, buybacks can be difficult and, if you recover your property, it could be worthless. You have the right to file a complaint for unrecolected money, but collecting a judgment can be difficult. 16.4 The buyer accepts that he is liable for any defects if the proceeds of the sale of the goods are not sufficient to repay all the funds liable in the contract. 36.5 If the seller terminates this sale as it stands, the seller (subject to Section 131 NCA) is entitled to repossess and occupy the property and, furthermore, the seller has the right not to have been obliged or incentivised to enter into agreements complementary to that contract and to the letter of offer and offer; 16.3 The purchaser agrees that the proceeds from the sale of the goods should first be used to repay the amounts spent under the contract and that the excess money be transferred to the purchaser. 21.3 If a provision of this agreement is found invalid by a competent court, it does not affect any of the other provisions. 20.1 This agreement binds and benefits the parties, their successors, their legal representatives and the beneficiaries of the transfer. 4.2 If the seller is a company and the property sold represents most or all of the seller`s property, the sale of the property to the purchaser is authorized by a special decision of the seller`s shareholders within the meaning of Section 115 of the 2008 Act and the seller will have met all other requirements of paragraph 115 of this Act. This contract was concluded with the help of the real estate agent/broker in section P of the calendar.

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