Cisco Software Enterprise Agreement

Managing and optimizing software usage across the enterprise presents significant challenges, even for the most demanding IT organizations. And with the pace of digital transformation, software management is more complex than ever. Cisco has developed the Cisco Enterprise Agreement software purchasing program, designed to deliver the right features to the right people in an efficient and cost-effective way. Easy to buy: Customers receive a single contract, duration and work area for the management of licensing fees. Access to online resources and downloads of Easy to Consume: True Forward software: no retroactive compensation. Fixed prices: Prices for purchased products are frozen for the duration of the EA. Simplicity Update: You have access to new software and on-demand. Access product information and software licenses, user manuals, training resources and more to get you started with your Cisco Enterprise Agreement. For more information about the Cisco Enterprise agreement, please visit or contact your Cisco Account Manager. The Cisco Enterprise Agreement simplifies licensing management by consolidating the various subscriptions and renewal dates normally required to manage enterprise software licenses, up to a single agreement with uniform business terms. You can now enter into a Cisco Enterprise agreement that meets your business requirements and extend it later with the same agreement. The first blog in this series highlighted the benefits of Cisco DNA software subscriptions and linked your hardware network to software consumption models.

For this second article in the series, we focus on one of these consumer models: Cisco Enterprise Agreement (EA) and introduce some very attractive offerings for new Cisco DNA recordings in an EA. Cisco Enterprise Agreement is a company-wide centralized software purchase program. By simplifying the Cisco software experience, an EA creates a framework for different Cisco architectures using uniform conditions and makes Cisco software licensing simple and fluid for your business. True Forward is Cisco`s regular billing process to account for overconsumption of products and services during a Cisco agreement period. Unlike other business license agreements that require a “true up” each year, if your consumption increases, you will not be subject to a retroactive charge for overconsumption during the year if your consumption increases. Instead, your growth payment (if any after an allowance) will be revised at the beginning of the next billing period and will continue for the rest of the duration of the suite. The Cisco Enterprise Agreement (EA) simplifies the purchase, use and management of Cisco technology across the entire software portfolio, with a single multiplatform agreement and uniform sales conditions. With Cisco EA, companies can choose from one or more records to meet their business needs. The Cisco Enterprise Agreement currently offers several registrations for Cisco DNA, Data Center, Security- und Collaboration software. Easy to buy: Thanks to a multi-portfolio agreement, you have access to software catalogs across technology domains with a unique value in each record. Then, a significant offer of 20% free growth during the duration of the contract.

Simply put, let`s say your original contract is 300k over three years. For the duration of your contract, Cisco allows you to extend your free software usage up to 60k. For example, you have a collaboration plan and add 50 new users who need Webex and calls. In this scenario, you can simply activate all these users without buying anything new or creating a fee at any point during the term of the contract.

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