Careerforce Training Agreement

Do you have the training you need to achieve your career goals? Is your current experience enough to take you where you want to go? Do your skills match your desires? Important questions need inspiring answers. We help you find rewarding training and training programs. We support your desire to learn more so that you earn more. Our training is mainly managed by employers, but other providers can provide careerforce qualifications with NZQA accreditation. The training agreement will end for one of the following reasons: when Lifewise Health and Disability has obtained a Level 4 Health and Wellness qualification for its home care staff, workers, clients who support them and the organization itself have achieved positive results. “Employees are now taking a leadership role, caring for newcomers and contributing more,” says Evelyn Sharma, team leader for Homecare Worker. Learn how Lifewise and Careerforce have helped harness the potential of 18 caregivers on their training journey. Carol Robinson, a golden Bay Community Health Care contributor, relies on online learning to sprint her qualifications. In just three years, she has gone from a Level 2 Health and Wellness Apprentice to the Registered Assessor.

Now she completes a first management qualification, all with the help of Careerforce Aka You Online Learning. To learn more about Carol`s successful trip, click here:…/ Congratulations to these diverse and recreational therapists from Summerset who have completed their educational program and training workshops. Legends! Thank you to the District Councils of Napier City and Hastings for organizing industry training to honour the achievements of apprentices in the region`s industry. We feel so privileged to be able to support dedicated people like Kumari, who want to do their best to support their clients and the community. In order to improve Kumari`s practice as a Case Worker settlement, the Red Cross has included it in the Social Service Training program. If you work in social services, this could be a way to identify your skills and experience with a qualification recognized by the NZQA.…/ Now back in Blenheim, te Piki Oranga collaborator is a source of inspiration for others. She is passionate about her learning, her culture, her support for those in need and she has the determination to grow and succeed while juggling her other commitments. She has impressively obtained the NZ certificate at health and wellness levels 2 and 3 in just one year, with the support of her employer and her careerforce training organization. She has now completed health and wellness level 5 and is aiming for a social work degree. The request to terminate a training contract must be sent to Careerforce within one month of the termination date.

Congratulations to all graduates of training in the sector, including our Marlborough Youth Trust graduates. Graduates were recognized at the recent Marlborough Industry Graduation. Well done, everybody! A training agreement is not transferable to another apprentice or employer or training program.

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