Amber And Gary Custody Agreement

Glennon was remanded in custody for his one-year-old son and portwoods after the teenager`s OG Star was arrested. He also issued an emergency protection order against his ex-girlfriend. Portwood could only monitor James` visit after the lifting of an initial contact order with his son on July 25. The drama of the teenage mother is over… At least for now! Teen Mom`s Amber Portwood and Gary Shirley ended their custody dispute over their 7-year-old daughter, Leah, on Monday, May 23, Us Weekly confirmed. It was at this time that full custody of leah, then three years old, was granted to Gary Shirley. Today, the former couple is at a good price. Shirley, 29, will keep primary custody of Portwood, 26, and agree to pay child benefit, the mother of one child revealed on Twitter. Yes, I really don`t know their situation, I guess Gary has full custody and Bernstein doesn`t even have a visit to the court. Gary just agrees, Bernstein got it with a reasonable announcement? When I heard amber shat ass say another time that people who have bi polar and boderline flip-out and physically attack others on a regular basis because they have no self control. I`m going to sue her for false and misleading information. Amber is a violent bully because her mother is one, and she was watching Bernstein beat her father`s on the right.

Amber is too lazy and selfish to break the cycle. She`d really make me a disgusting human. On October 24, Portwood and Glennon agreed to a new custody agreement for their son James, according to Indiana Public Records. It appears that the couple was able to obtain a custody agreement through mediation, which the court accepted. Glennon will continue to care for James while Portwood receives a supervised visit. I tried to give Amber the benefit of the doubt, because she had just been a teenager, when it all started and shared her whole life on television, got confused with your psyche. However, it has been 11 years since it started, and in addition to having more money, it has not changed. I can`t believe she`s in conflict with her son, that she doesn`t have custody of her daughter and that she`s even thinking about having a relationship, let alone flying around.

Your children are just children for a short time. Leah is less than 7 years old until she is an adult, and you`re going to waste time with another guy, and then, most likely, cry about it. I can no longer have it with her. It`s a broken record. The “Teen Mom” star has also been ordered to undergo substance abuse treatment, psychological assessment and treatment, and not to contact Glennon unless he arranges visits or custody issues.

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