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I love Schwab and AMEX, and the 1.25% payment rate is sponsored, so I also hope it won`t end soon! Let`s hope it`s like the AMEX and Costco agreement that lasted for 15 years and more! These conditions are governed and interpreted in accordance with the laws of the State of California, regardless of the choice or conflict of laws of a jurisdiction. All litigation, actions, claims or means relating to these conditions or in relation to the website must only be brought before federal and regional courts in San Francisco, California. Where a provision of these conditions is considered by a competent court to have a right of review, these provisions must be interpreted in the best possible way to be consistent with the intentions of the parties, with all other provisions remaining fully in force. Under this agreement or the use of the site, there is no joint venture, partnership, employment or agency between you and Schwab Charitable. Schwab Charitable`s failure to impose a right or provision under these conditions does not constitute a waiver of that right or provision, unless Schwab Charitable has confirmed and accepted it in writing. The terms and conditions include the full agreement between you and Schwab Charitable regarding the site; provided, however, that you are also subject to all the additional terms and conditions that you are informed of and to which you declare your consent by continuing to use the Site. You may also be subject to additional conditions included in other agreements between you and Schwab Charitable, including (but not limited) Schwab Charitable Donor Center Web Site User Agreement. Since I have many miles and few trips imminent… I would be tempted to pay some MR before the agreement expires. But I will keep them for now as flexible MR and I intend to use them to travel.

The site may contain information about third-party offers and promotions. Unless expressly stated otherwise, Schwab Charitable assumes no responsibility, obligation or liability for your direct transactions with such a third party. In addition, the provision of such offers or promotions by third parties, unless otherwise stated, does not mean that Schwab Charitable approves, sponsors or is in any way linked to the services or goods of these third parties. Agreement Express is a comprehensive customer platform for financial services. The Agreement Express platform enables financial institutions to design and execute consistent automated boarding experiences across their product offerings and channels, while providing comprehensive analytics that enable proactive and personalized customer advice. The platform is the first of its kind to help powerful companies collect, use and reuse customer data to improve and develop comprehensive customer experiences. The Accord Express enables Fortune 500 financial institutions around the world to offer their customers a world-class digital embedded and grow their business. For more information on the Express agreement, see

I have not studied your concerns, but if the agreement were to end… I would only have a regular turntable. All content and other content contained on this website, including GuideStar services, unless otherwise stated, is protected by law, including U.S. copyright, trade secrets (for password-protected domains) and trademark law, as well as other national, national and international laws and regulations. Unless expressly intended, Schwab Charitable does not grant you any explicit or tacit right to use such content or documents. But now that Schwab has acquired another company that has a Visa credit card infrastructure and customers, I`m curious if they`re reconsidering the agreement between American Express.

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