Wmu Bargaining Agreement

On April 30, the WMU announced the dismissal of 240 employees of one of its unions and wage reductions of 2.5% for all unpaid employees. Here, too, I look forward to the opportunity to share this message from the negotiating unit. The challenge for the WMU-AAUP is to encourage the administration to recognize the precarious situation of these people. We are convinced that the BoT and WMU administration believe in common governance and academic freedom. The provision of the mandate route, which is assured in the 2017-2020 agreement, will enable these people to participate fully in our university, contribute and better organize it. The union is asking the administration to work with the faculty to address the reality that it is time to give our advisors the support they need to provide full support to our students. Mark said it well when he said, “We have to take care of the people who take care of our students.” Thank you very much for your time. The WMU-AAUP is a faculty voice that is not always easy to hear. I understand that it seems that we are identifying the problems consistently, but it is our duty to protect the contractual agreement signed between the BOT, the administration and our board-appointed faculty. It thus creates a safe place where we can challenge each other and ultimately have a stronger institution.

The university administration and representatives of the Western Chapter of the American Association of University Teachers obtained preliminary agreement on the contract May 17, after publication, and union members ratified the contract on May 21. Sexist attacks launch the Michigan Gov. Whitmer as the tyrant mother of dystopia coronavirus officers meets Wednesday, January 13, 14:30 pm session approved by the trustees board would extend the current contract with the proposed amendments until September 2021, according to the recommendation that goes before the board on Tuesday. Related: `Substantial` layoffs still coming at Western Michigan University as budgets cut by 20% KALAMAZOO, MI — The Western Michigan University Board of Trustees will hold a special virtual meeting Tuesday to consider a employment contract with faculty that includes a temporary 2.25% salary reduction. 814 Oakland Drive Kalamazoo, MI 49008 Campus Mail Stop 5401 The home stay coronavirus, more Michiganers bend the rules The university has also implemented a recruitment stop, a travel stop, cancelled work and special project reductions. According to the recommendation, faculty salaries would be reduced by 2.25% effective July 1 and continue until June 30, 2021. The ratification of the contract does not change the health plan benefits available to the union`s 900 or so members.

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