Who Signed The Buganda Agreement Of 1900

Before the Buganda Agreement of 1900, the Kingdom of Buganda was an absolute monarchy ruled by Kabaka. At that time, there were three categories of kabaka, 1.Chiefs who were also called Bakungu or heads of administration, these were appointed by Kabaka, 2. the traditional Bataka leaders plus the Batangole chiefs, who served as representatives of the king, they were responsible for the surveillance of the royal lands, the maintenance of internal security in the kingdom as well as military tasks. At the request of Sir Gerald Portal, Alfred Tucker, Bishop of East Africa and later Bishop of Uganda, asked the British authorities to take control of Uganda. [2] On 29 May 1893, a contract between Portal and Kabaka Mwanga secured Uganda as a British protectorate. On August 27, 1894, Mwanga was forced to sign another contract with Colonel H.E. Colvile, who favoured the conventional acquisition of the territory. [3] Although the treaties of 1893 and 1894 were concluded because Uganda, as defined by the Berlin Conference, stumbled upon the British sphere of influence, Britain did not have the sanctity of traditional leaders and their peoples. It was important that an agreement be reached, contrary to a treaty, so that British domination would become de jure and not de facto. [3] Daudi Chwa, who was a minor at the signing of the agreement, said when he reached the age of majority, that British control had watered down his authority. My current position is so early that I am no longer the direct leader of my people.

I am regarded by my subjects only as one of the paid British servants. This is because I don`t really have power over my people, not even the smallest leader,” Chwa said after Baganda and the British domination of Low and Pratt in 1900-1995. Every order given, whether by my local leader or by the Lukiiko himself, is always regarded with contempt, unless confirmed by the district commissioner.¬†Chwa`s oath showed how enslaved Buganda had been. The Uganda Agreement of March 1900 (alternatively the Mengo Treaty) formalized relations between the Kingdom of Uganda and the British protectorate of Uganda. [1] It was amended by the Buganda Convention of 1955 and the Buganda Convention of 1961.

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