Sensitive Data Agreement

Consider whether to impose data embargoes. This would mean that the description of the data set will be published, but that blocked data files remain limited for a certain time. The subcontractor must comply with all personal data protection provisions set out in this data processing agreement and applicable data protection legislation that are relevant to the processing of personal data. If you want to restrict access to your data for commercial reasons (for example. B to apply for a patent), it is preferable to file them in a repository as part of an embargo. This will allow you to file the data at an appropriate time in your search process and automatically publish it at a later date. Any use of information systems and personal data that do not correspond to established routines, the instructions of the person in charge of the processing or the applicable data protection legislation, as well as possible security breaches, is treated as a discrepancy. Publish your data and metadata according to the participant`s consent and ethics authorization, and apply an appropriate license, given any restrictions on reuse, broadcasting, commercial use, etc. Specific note on HIPAA: If you are considering a contract that gives a non-UCSC party access to protected health information (ePHI) protected by federal hipaa legislation or access to UCSC systems or applications that contain this information, the contract must contain a HIPAA Business Association Agreement (AFFAIRES ASSOCIATION). Work with the UCSC Business Contracts Office to ensure that the contract contains this agreement. HIPAA resources.

If you have confidential data on hand, you don`t want someone who is not authorized to access it. You need to make sure that only authorized people can access it. In addition, people who have access to this data do not need to disclose the data contained in the document recklessly. In this case, you need a data privacy agreement. This would ensure that anyone with access to this data keeps it to himself. The subcontractor has the right to use subcontractors and the customer accepts the use of subcontractors. A list of pre-approved subprocessors is available in the SuperOffice Trust Center. The subcontractor ensures, in writing, that a subcontractor processing personal data by subcontractors is subject to the same obligations and restrictions as those imposed on the subcontractor under this data processing agreement. Below is a compilation of resources for working with sensitive data: In the consent form, you can clearly decide to participants whether they agree with the archiving and/or reuse of project data.

Note that a participant may cancel these activities, but may still participate in your study. Funders generally encourage the commercialization of research results, but generally set a limit on the duration of data closure: in most cases, data must be available within 12 months of the end of the project. For more information, see the additional information your funder needs. Consider data ownership, ethical concerns, intellectual property rights and other legal requirements for data. The subcontractor only processes personal data on and in accordance with the instructions of the processor. The subcontractor does not process personal data without prior written agreement with the person in charge of the processing or without written instructions from the person in charge of processing beyond what is necessary to meet its obligations to the person in charge of the processing in accordance with the contract. Research data should, where possible, be made available to others in a manner consistent with relevant legal, ethical and disciplinary frameworks and standards. However, for sensitive data, read the step-by-step guide below before sharing it: After the end of c

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