Is Your Stay Part Of A Cooperation Agreement

DAAD provides financial support for international study and training partnerships with funds from the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF). ISAP grants scholarships to German students who do part of their study abroad at a partner university, with the added benefit of dropping out of school or significantly reducing their studies. German universities are encouraged to develop not only attractive courses for foreign exchange students, but also credit transfer systems, program cooperation strategies and/or alternating study structures that lead to the sustainable internationalisation of the two partner institutions. Assistance is provided for travel grants, scholarships, insurance and tuition fees (up to 50% of normal fees) for German students; Language courses and tutorials for students from Canada or the United States, as well as welcoming lectures to partner institutions. Funding for new projects is generally provided for two years of study with an extension. For more information, click here. There is no specific application form for a JASSO scholarship. As long as the ACAP application for an eligible student has been submitted until the application deadline, the student is automatically considered for a JASSO scholarship. 2.1 The parties must be loyal to the other party and seek healthy cooperation. Re 2): With regard to the conclusion of cooperation agreements, the following issues should be taken into account, and the issues must be included in the agreement as they are relevant to such an individual cooperative relationship.

(*1) Cooperation agreements must be concluded in writing. The aim of this programme is to intensify research cooperation within the framework of a concrete and common research project in science or engineering. German universities can apply to facilitate the mobility of bachelors, graduates and PhD students, as well as post-docs and teachers. Projects can receive funding of up to 15,000 euros per year (1) for up to two years. In addition, a specific checklist has been established and can be used in the preparation and conclusion of cooperation agreements. Your stay at KIT is coming to an end, but you want to stay longer, since you applied for this program, you should include a brief cover letter stating the reasons and objectives of the research stay, a short resume and an overview of the research project (one page at most) at the IBFD as well as the desired dates for the research stay. All documents must be sent to (we confirm receipt within two business days outside of holiday periods). 7.1 Commercial information received or likely to be obtained by the parties through the other party is considered confidential and will not be disclosed to third parties without the prior written consent of the party concerned. A violation of this clause triggers a fine of XX ,,, per violation.

The payment of the fine does not make the offence legal. (2.3) that, in the case of the preparation and filing of a patent application or application for registration of a utility model, the cooperation partner may require a deferral of any disclosure, including publication, of a reasonable duration, but never more than six months from the date on which the partner received the draft manuscript for review. Tokyo Tech reserves the right to verify the authenticity of your transcript. All documents must be sent to the International Student Office no later than 12 weeks before the start of your semester. (2) There may be a legitimate need to protect a company`s business secrets as well as technical drawings, descriptions, formulas, models, etc., which the company may have passed on to university staff as part of the cooperation. The extent of any obligation of confidentiality must be defined from the outset in the cooperation agreement.

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