Equity Stunt Agreement

There is currently disagreement between PACT and Equity over the interpretation and application of the PACT/EQUITY TV 2019 agreement with regard to samples for stuntmen and coordinators. A meeting with the Joint Films Council did not resolve the dispute. As a result, PACT and Equity will now initiate arbitration proceedings under Article T32 (9), the form of which will be agreed between the joint secretaries in consultation with the parties concerned. In the meantime, if no conditions can be agreed between stuntmen/coordinators and producers, filming and rehearsals should be continued provided that producers and stuntmen/coordinators agree to be linked to the outcome of the arbitration. Christine PayneMax RumneyJoint Secretaryyaries7. February 2020 14 Clause (T14) or a two-out tender The provisions described in the clause (T18) may apply to this commitment. The artist receives a minimum fee of at least one daily production payment for each subsequent day that is worked beyond the first period of up to 14 consecutive days. Unless otherwise stated, all other conditions of the artist`s commitment are in accordance with the agreement. The Commitment Commission acquires non-thearisic rights worldwide (see clause (T23)14) and the first uk Network Transmission. The terms of clause (T23) 17 must be applied to artists who have been reserved for an obligation under this clause and the additional use payment related to the appointment does not apply. Clause (T9) MULTI-EPISODIC PAYMENTS 1.

Production categories for multi-episodic payments Category A – Category B – Situation comedy, light entertainment productions, broken comedies, fully dramatized documentaries and schools/schools/adult education Documentary productions and schools/adult training Productions that contain an important dramatic element. Both of them. UK Network Production For Category A productions, the artist receives his engagement rights by episode, segment or slice, in which their performance is taken into account. For Category B productions, the artist`s payment for each episode, segment or installment is the sum of the artist`s engagement fee, divided by the number of episodes, segments or slices in which their performance is incorporated, which cannot be less than per episode, segment or slice. If necessary, an agreement may be reached between Equity and the manufacturer for other agreements on the above-mentioned multi-stage terms. 14 MASTER MARKETING AGREEMENT (business funding) This agreement (hereafter referred to as an agreement) is concluded and registered on [PLEASE INSERT DATE] between F-Investment London Ltd.

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