Change Currency In Scheduling Agreement Sap

In accordance with SAP 458384, the “RM06ERVE” program allows you to convert probation from delivery plans and contracts into the other currency and use MEKLE and MEKRE transactions to change time conditions. Are you talking about Intraco suppliers? Which country buys the equipment? You must inform Customs every month/year of what you are importing ?….. depends on the response process. Anyway (easy eay), just do the above and ENSURE tell you to your supplier what you have done to avoid any audit-related problems in the future. Yes, you need to create a new SA. If you want the EUR to be a currency, change it to the lender`s stump before creating a security AA. Once you have registered the receipt, you can no longer change the currency for the time condition. Does anyone know how to change the currency in the delivery plan? What is your header level currency (EKKO-WAERS)? My understanding is that if you have the head level currency in USD, you can`t change your item level currency to EUR. Path 4Logistic → production → DRP → environment → appointment → modification I created the SA with the USD currency. I would now like to change the currency to euros, but I cannot do it!!! The currency field is gray!!! I have selected the article 1 line and I am going to the article>intext (from the menu bar). I deleted the existing PB00 condition folder with usd currency and entered the new one with EUR. I`m this error: Text Selection: DATE – All Conditions Valid in Selection Text: I_EKORG – Purchasing Organization Selection Text: I_LIFNR – Supplier Selection Text: KRUND – Selection of Rounding Rules Text: KURSD – Change Date Selection Text: KURSType Text Selection: R_EVRTN – Date Accord text selection: SIMU – test-race SelectionText: WAERA – old currency Selection Text: WAERN – New Currency Title: Currency Change for The Appointment Agreement Terms of the Creditor Text Symbol: 100 – ————————————————————————— text symbol: 200 – valid change conditions….;; Text icon: 201 – Only valid change from……..; ; Text symbol: 202 – bis…; Text Symbol: 203 – Or Text Icon: 204 – Conditions for Modification Valid from..; ; Text Icon: 205 – Validity Period Text Symbol: 210 – Currency Change My type of SA is time-dependent, I found that if I had activated this indicator, when I create a new SA, the currency is gray.

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