Cash Lease Agreement Forms

The tenant agrees to accept the property as it is and the landlord does not guarantee his power of attorney. The tenant agrees not to sublet the property or to obtain a pledge. The tenant agrees to pay all taxes. The lessor may terminate the tenancy agreement if the tenant abandons the property, leases or otherwise violates the contract. The lessor can claim damages up to the amount of unpaid rent under the California Civil Code, Section 1951.2. The tenant can terminate the tenancy agreement at any time with a 60-day period or with a 15-day period if there is not enough water, property damage or other defects on the part of the landlord. When the tenant leaves the personal property on the property, the owner charges my storage fee or sells the personal property. California law does not require a lease to be certified, notarized, filed or registered. It is valid during the execution. The landlord and tenant must keep a copy of the rental agreement in a safe place.

The landlord and tenant agree that this is not a partnership. This lease is mandatory for the heirs of the lessor. The landlord and tenant agree that the communications are made in writing and sent by mail, fax or email. If the owner sells the property, the lease is maintained. The tenant and landlord agree to waive mutual liability claims. The tenant agrees to take care of appropriate insurance coverage. The tenant undertakes to be responsible for all farms and agricultural equipment used on the land. The tenant is committed to complying with all laws and regulations. The tenant undertakes not to engage in recreational activities or income on the land without the landlord`s consent, and the lessor agrees to authorize appropriate activities. The owner can inspect the property at any time.

The owner undertakes to provide watering and the tenant undertakes to provide and maintain the irrigation infrastructure. The use of agricultural water is covered by the California Water Code, Section 10608.48. The tenant agrees to organize and pay for all services. The tenant agrees to use the property only for the cultivation of certain crops. The tenant is committed to using good agricultural practices and preserving the property. Pesticide use is regulated by the California Food and Agricultural Code, Section 12978. The tenant agrees not to install structures on the land without the owner`s consent and the owner promises to approve appropriate improvements.

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