Academic Staff Collective Agreement

English LanguageTeachers are responsible for the design, teaching, evaluation and documentation of effective courses or general, academic and specific courses in English for non-English speaking students. They will carry out the related administrative and professional tasks necessary to ensure the continued provision of the highest quality English language programs, support students and actively participate in professional development activities to improve the ELC`s professional activity. Any additional work proposed by a staff member on behalf of the university, by distributing the income equitably between the employee and the university, is discussed with his supervisor as part of his academic work agreement and must, if necessary, be approved by the competent head of school or the PVC before he can begin this additional work. A higher education level is expected to contribute significantly to all activities of the organizational unit or interdisciplinary field and to play an important role in its profession or discipline. Academics of this level may be appointed in recognition of the distinction in their disciplinary field. You can find a PDF version of your current collective agreement here: 2017-2021 Academic Collective Agreement. The Academic Manager is an experienced elicos teacher with additional experience in the management of the language center. The Academic Manager develops and maintains quality operations of the English Language Centre (ELC), makes a proactive, substantial and strategic contribution to the work of the ELC management team and demonstrates leadership in the development and maintenance of quality assurance mechanisms covering all academic aspects of the ELC business. The provisions of this clause apply only to university staff in accordance with the position classification standards set out in Schedules 5 and 6 of this agreement. An A-level scientific staff member generally has four years of graduate studies in the discipline or has equivalent research qualifications or experience. In many cases, a position at this level requires an honorary degree or higher qualifications or equivalent research experience. Research experience can contribute to publications, conferences, reports or technical or technical contributions or results demonstrating research potential.

Higher marking means that he is designated as an examiner, honorary or higher level, or that he requires a significant exercise of academic judgment at level B. Workers are entitled to a balanced working relationship between these three functions within the framework of the requirements of the university and their own professional development.

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